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1 AR15/AR10
1.1 What is the Restricted part of the AR15/AR10 rifle?

The lower receiver is the restricted part of the AR15/AR10 rifles. To purchase even a stripped lower receiver, you need your restricted firearms licence.

1.2 Do I need a range membership / club membership to purchase a handgun, AR15/AR10 rifle, or stripped lower receiver?

The answer varies from whichever province you reside. For example, here in Saskatchewan, you need to prove you have a membership / club membership in order for the RCMP to approve a transfer. In Ontario, even when you state that the purpose for use is target shooting, you do not need to prove that you have a membership.

You do not need to have a club membership if you are buying a firearm for museum display. You must set up as a museum / collector with the RCMP however.

1.3 I have "Brand X" AR15/AR10. Will the Aero Precision / Ballistic Advantage parts work with my AR?

As long as your AR15 is Mil-Spec, Aero Precision and Ballistic Advantage products will work with your AR. However, brands that we do not guarantee fitment for are:


-North Eastern Arms / Black Creek Labs

-.22LR AR15 Rifles

Aero Precision and Ballistic Advantage supply DPMS pattern AR10 accessories. Aero Precision also provides Armalite pattern M5E1 Handguard kits.

1.4 If I put a 18.5" or greater barrel on my AR15/AR10, will it become Non-Restricted?

No. AR15/AR10 rifles are considered restricted, regardless of barrel length. Even if you managed to put a 30" barrel on your AR, it would still be restricted.

1.5 Do you sell complete AR rifles, or just the components / parts?

With the pieces that we bring in from Aero Precision and Ballistic Advantage, there is a huge variety of configurations of complete rifles that we can build. What we do different is putting a rifle together for a customer with the parts that they want, the first time.

Want us to build a rifle that is all black? Will do. Want to build a rifle that has all sorts of colours on it? Absolutely. If we have it in stock, we will assemble it for you.

2 Purchasing Non-Restricted / Restricted Firearms
2.1 What do I need to have to purchase a Non-Restricted firearm?

To purchase a Non-Restricted firearm, you need a valid Possession Acquisition Licence (PAL) with Non-Restricted status.

2.2 What do I need to have to purchase a Restricted firearm?

To purchase a restricted firearm, you need a valid Possession Acquisition Licence (PAL) with Restricted status. If the intended use of the restricted firearm is for target shooting, you will also need to prove you are part of a shooting club (this varies by province / territory. Check with your local CFO to confirm if you need a club membership to purchase a restricted firearm for target shooting).

If you are purchasing to add to a collection / museum, you need to prove to the RCMP that you are a collector in order for them to approve the transfer.

2.3 What is required to transport my Non-Restricted / Restricted firearm?

To transport a Non-Restricted firearm, it is recommended to have it locked in an opaque case, with the case locked as well.

To transport a Restricted firearm, it is REQUIRED to be locked and inside of a locked opaque case (we use the term "double locked"). Even a stripped AR15/AR10 lower receiver is a restricted firearm, so it must be double locked, the same as a complete rifle.

2.4 How long do Restricted transfers take for the RCMP to approve?

The answer to this varies by province, and what time of year it is. Transfers usually take longer during the summer, during Christmas and New Years, and after long weekends.